Davenport Reads

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How Can I Support Davenport Reads?

1) Take the pledge! Complete the form online here
2) Now visit http://www.davenportschools.org/davenport-reads/ and access posters, logos, and digital display signs to spread the word about Davenport Reads.


How can I participate?
1) Take the pledge! Complete the form online here
2) Now ACT on the pledge! Once you have your library card, visit the library location nearest you to borrow FREE books, magazines, audio books, e-reader books, etc. (and even music, too)!
3) Find time for those 20 minutes a day to read to your children or for your own enjoyment! Break into 5-minute mini sessions on your lunch break or on the treadmill! Read anything and everything that interests you -- from the local paper to an article in a digital magazine to the novel you've always been meaning to read.
4) Share your latest reading recommendations, or your progress on tracking 20 minutes a day, on Facebook or Twitter, and be sure to "label" or "tag" your posts with #DavenportReads. Challenge friends to take the pledge!
5) Encourage family, friends, and co-workers to take the pledge, too. Help them find resources for reading material, or plan a trip together to the library or to a reading resource room.
6) Help adult family members, friends, or co-workers who want to improve their basic literacy or English-language skills by encouraging them to get a library card, take the pledge, and to learn about adult-education offerings through Scott Community College.
7) Share thoughts about your favorite books and other reading recommendations on blogs and other social media hosted by DPL! Leave comments, questions, and suggestions. 
8) Connect reading-related events at your school or organization to Davenport Reads by encouraging participants to take the pledge; visit the Resources link and Tool Kit to download free materials; schedule a group visit to the nearest library; and/or tag or label your promotional events with the Davenport Reads logo and hashtag to show support!
9) Ask a librarian about helping find age-appropriate materials for your children.
10) Set an example for your children by reading for yourself!